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Mochio Umeda

Managing Director

Mochio Umeda's visionary insights combined with his firsthand knowledge and experience in Silicon Valley are highly regarded among CEOs of large Japanese IT companies. As an opinion leader in the industry, he plays a key role in introducing the "Silicon Valley high growth mechanism" into the management thinking of those companies in Japan.

Mochio is a co-founder of the Pacifica Fund and the founder and president of MUSE Associates, a strategy and business consulting firm to the Japanese IT industry established in Palo Alto, California, in 1997. Before starting MUSE, he was one of the founding directors of Arthur D. Little's Silicon Valley office. Mochio is also a leading commentator on IT industry in the Japanese press, with countless published articles in Japan's primary business publications, including Chuo Koron, Nikkei Business, Nikkei Personal Computing and Foresight. He is the author of the book "How Silicon Valley Changed Me" (Shincho-sha, 2001) and a contributing author of, "A Strategic Planning Roadmap" (Diamond Business Press, 1991) and "The Computer Industry's High Return Revolution" (Diamond Business Press, 1993).

Mochio holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Keio University and a Master of Information Science from the University of Tokyo.

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