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Approach - A Closer Look

Typically, our involvement with your venture begins with an evaluation of your business plan. This should be a living document that lays out the blueprint for your company's direction and contains, at minimum:

A description of the market need; size, growth and scope of the opportunity
  An explanation of your company's products and/or services, and their underlying technology
  A description of your target customer and how you make money
  An analysis of the competition and how your solution is differentiated
  A set of current financial statements and projections, including funding history and needs
  The company's business strategy for achieving its projections
  Resumes of key management

If your venture meets our initial criteria, we meet with company management to better understand the business opportunity, products, technology and operating plans. We aim also to understand management's motivations and capabilities. We perform the bulk of the due diligence ourselves, though we may bring in outside experts to provide relevant perspective.

Each investment decision is made collectively. The time between initial discussions and final decision can vary from a couple of weeks to several months depending on the stage, nature and complexity of the venture.

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