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Approach - What It Takes

We invest in great people who have identified a compelling need in a sizeable market and have a credible plan for addressing it, to build a lasting business.

Great People: We look for high integrity individuals with a record of achievement, passionately committed to building a cohesive team and an enduring business.
  Compelling Need: This may sound obvious, but apparently is not. Many entrepreneurs overestimate the degree to which their target customer needs their product, while underestimating inertial drag and the applicability of substitutes.
  Sizeable Market: The true addressable market for your product family needs to be several hundred million dollars or more. Identify the source of greatest value in this market, and develop a strategy for extracting it.
  Credible Plan: To be credible, your plan must be firmly rooted in reality, address aggressive competitive activity, and reflect a true understanding of the dynamics of your business. It must also identify potential risks in your venture and build a convincing case for overcoming the inevitable challenges ahead.
  Lasting Business: Building a business of lasting value takes commitment, intelligence, focus and sometimes luck. Adaptability of management is also important, for the venture may need to morph to succeed.
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