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Approach - Core IT & Materials Technology

Target Sectors

Pacifica invests in information technology, broadly defined. We favor companies with core technology capabilities that benefit general purpose, horizontal markets over those focused on vertical markets or 'point' solutions. We prefer to invest in platform technologies and businesses that enable applications and partners to deliver unique value. While our interests in this field are broad, we are particularly interested in areas such as cloud computing and associated services, web, mobile, security, augmented email and related communications technologies, and in the use of these technologies in industrial applications, such as energy efficiency and management.

Type of Business

  We typically invest in companies:
with a differentiated, technology-driven, intellectual property basis
  where technology is the basis of value delivered, represents a strong competitive entry barrier or creates a large execution advantage
  whose business model may include software or hardware sales, licensing, leasing, services
  that sell to other businesses

  We generally do not invest in companies:
where speed to market is driven by factors other than technology
  with neither technical differentiation nor the ability to create switching costs
  whose business models are rooted in integration or professional services that differentiate primarily on execution rather than technical advantage

Company Stage

Pacifica primarily targets series A investments and expects to support the company in follow-on rounds. We participate in later stage deals on a case-by-case basis, especially in situations where our individual backgrounds or unique connections into Asia can add value.

Pacifica entertains seed investments only if the fit with our investing targets is excellent, and the founding team includes strong executives with relevant domain and startup experience. Bridge-type infusions in seed companies are considered only if we have already decided to move ahead with the following equity round.

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